Production scheme

The entire production of the plant is made directly on Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant. In addition to rolling mills and production of calibrated products, the factory has its own steelmaking that ensures product quality throughout the production chain. In this regard, the company has many advantages:

  • Own production of steel allows you to create materials with specific customer requirements. For the automotive industry it has been developed by our engineers composition of the steel, which combines good mechanical properties of the material with excellent workability. Using profiles made of this type of steel enables our customers to significantly increase the resistance of the machining tool.
  • The ability to manufacture special profiles to customer's drawings and any complexity. Special delivery profiles may be as in the hot rolled condition and in calibrated. Production of shaped profiles according to customer drawings to reduce the amount of material waste at the final production of up to 35-40% *, which has a positive impact on the overall cost of the finished product.
  • Production of steel in accordance with Russian standards, and according to foreign standards.
    Implementation of the deep processing of metal in high quality metal products.