Seamless pipes

Branch Of Industry : Building industry | Mining industry
Delivery Condition: hot rolled
Steel grades in detail
C10 (1.0301)E235B
C15 (1.0401)E275B
C22 (1.0402) 
C25 (1.0406)RSt 37-2 (1.0038)
C30 (1.0528)
C35 (1.0501)S235JR
C40 (1.0511)S275JR
C45 (1.0503)S275J0
C50 (1.0540)S355J0
C55 (1.0535)S355J2
C60 (1.0610) 
St33 (1.0035)
St34 (1.0034)
St37.2 (1.0037)
St37.3 (1.0116)
St44.2 (1.0044)
St50.2 (1.0050)
St60 (1.0060)
St52.3 (1.0570)

Pipes of OMP production are used in various industries:
o    production of drill rods of different assignment for the mining sector;
o    production of drill rods for drilling under weight of drilling string, anchors and anchor system in geotechnics;
o    production of shafts of submersible pumps for the oil industry;
o    production of parts and components in the automotive parts;
o    production of bearings.

JSC “OMP” offers seamless steel pipes in hot-rolling condition according GOST 8732-75, cold-drawn pipes according GOST 8734-75, cold-drawn pipes for bearings according GOST 800-78. Outer diameter 23 mmto 54 mm, thickness of wall 6 mm minimum.

Pipes made of alloy, bearing and structural steel grades. Forexample, 102Cr6, 20Х, 35, 40Х, 55С2А, 40ХГСМА, 12ХН3А, 18ХГН3МА, 38ХГМ, ШХ15 and etc.

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