Branch Of Industry : Outdoor home ware goods
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Steel grades in detail

JSC “OMP” produces tanks of different volumes of 12 liters, 15 liters, 25  liters, 32 liters. Galvanized tanks are made from galvanized steel.  Tanks are supplied  with two handles and cover.  The tanks are widely used  for the housekeeping needs. The tanks can be used for delivery and transportation of different liquids and friable material. They can be used for keeping and boiling of linen.

Watertanks of 32 liters and 100 liters have aperture at the top  for pouring of water and ball valve at the bottom.

The galvanized metal which is used in the production of tanks, prevents from corrosion.  Design differs in reliability and durability.

For gardening JSC “OMP” produces  wash-stands of 10 and 20 liters.  Wash-stands have easy but strong design. It can be placed easily in any corner of garden.

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