Leaf spring profiles

Branch Of Industry : Automotive industry
Delivery Condition: hot rolled
Steel grade : spring steel
Steel grades in detail

JSC produces leaf spring profiles according GOST 7419-90, DIN, EN or technical specification of client for automotive industry, tractor construction, production of trailers, locomotive construction. In accordance of standards are exist following leaf spring profiles: flat profiles, T-profiles, trapezoidal profiles and many others. Leaf springs are the main element of wheel suspension.

Our specialists can suggest nonstandard solutions for improving of mechanical properties, machining, welding and improving properties of final part.

Profiles are made of leaf-spring steels according GOST 14959-79 orDIN EN 10089. For example, 60С2А, 50ХГА, 50ХГФА, 51CrV4 and etc.

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