Mechanical engineering

Branch Of Industry : Other application
Delivery Condition: hot rolled | cold-drawn
Steel grades in detail
C10 (1.0301)E235B
C15 (1.0401)E275B
C22 (1.0402) 
C25 (1.0406)RSt 37-2 (1.0038)
C30 (1.0528)
C35 (1.0501)S235JR
C40 (1.0511)S275JR
C45 (1.0503)S275J0
C50 (1.0540)S355J0
C55 (1.0535)S355J2
C60 (1.0610) 

Shaped profiles for mechanical engineering.

JSC "OMP" produces shaped profiles of composite sections for linear guide systems used in the machine-tool industry.

Linear guides are parts of equipment that provide linear movements. A block can move along a rail, a ball bushing can move along a precision shaft, a roller or ball screw-nut - along the screw, in case of precision guides - two rails relative to each other.

The advantages of rolling friction to sliding friction is so great that the linear guides with rolling elements such as balls or rollers are now the accepted standard for industrial equipment. Slideways with a special cover are also suitable if they have not strict requirements to resource and efficiency. Depending on the task, systems with particular characteristics and structure are chosen for linear displacements.

Details for linear motion, linear guides.

We call machine and mechanism components, which make possible the linear movement of the workload, linear guides. Ball bushings are suitable for restrained accuracy requirements. Profile rail guides are preferable for strict requirements for accuracy, toughness and loading capacity. Precision linear guides provide exceptional accuracy.

Ball bushings/ precision shafts.

In the ball bushing recirculation of balls provides unrestricted movement along the shaft, it is a cost-effective solution for light loads. Ball bushings are also supplied with a possibility to compensate the misalignment of the shaft.

Profile linear guides.

Through recirculation of balls in a block the profile linear guide provides unlimited movement along the rail. It gives high accuracy and heavy loads.

Precision guides.

Precise guides with limited movement for heavy loads.

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