Profiles for engine and gearbox

Branch Of Industry : Automotive industry
Delivery Condition: hot rolled | cold-drawn | peeled
Steel grades in detail
C10 (1.0301)E235B
C15 (1.0401)E275B
C22 (1.0402) 
C25 (1.0406)RSt 37-2 (1.0038)
C30 (1.0528)
C35 (1.0501)S235JR
C40 (1.0511)S275JR
C45 (1.0503)S275J0
C50 (1.0540)S355J0
C55 (1.0535)S355J2
C60 (1.0610) 

JSC "OMP" produces different shaped profiles for automotive component manufacturers. Our profiles are used for the production of valve cotters, splined shafts, steering components, etc.

The details of automotive components often require special properties that our specialists can consider in the production of shaped profiles.

Profiles are made of carbon structural, alloy, automatic, bearing steel grades, etc.

For the production of finished parts on turning automatic machines the specialists of the plant developed steel grades AM12, AM14 and AM35G2 that provide the best machinability rating.

Cutting machinability of steel depends on many factors starting from the chemical composition, melting and deoxidation conditions and completing with the cutting tool geometry, the type and condition of metal-cutting machine, lubrication conditions. In addition to this the main tendency in the production development and enlargement of easily deformable steel assortment at present is reducing environmental hazards in their production, processing and further utilization.

JSC "Omutninsk metallurgical plant" has developed and started to supply the new modified automatic steel grade AM14 as analogue of steel grade AS14.

By environmental safety, mechanical and technological properties and, above all, by cutting machinability modified free-machining steel produced by JSC "OMP" is at the same level as foreign counterparts. Applicance allows to reduce the consumption of cutting tools (5-10%), improve the surface condition of finished parts (1-2 grades) increase the cutting speed, reduce power consumption (5-8%). The level of mechanical properties gives a possibility to produce a wide variety of different parts.

A number of companies, including PJSC "Avtovaz", after testing showed positive results and agreed to replace rolled steel from the steel grade  A12, AS14 to a modified free-machining steel grade AM14.

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