Door and locked systems

Branch Of Industry : Other application
Delivery Condition: cold-drawn
Steel grades in detail
C10 (1.0301)E235B
C15 (1.0401)E275B
C22 (1.0402) 
C25 (1.0406)RSt 37-2 (1.0038)
C30 (1.0528)
C35 (1.0501)S235JR
C40 (1.0511)S275JR
C45 (1.0503)S275J0
C50 (1.0540)S355J0
C55 (1.0535)S355J2
C60 (1.0610) 

JSC «OMP» produces shaped profiles with different cross-sections, including profiles for manufacturers, which makes door and locking systems, furniture fittings.

Our engineers are able to offer nonstandard solutions for mechanical properties improvement, as well for afterwork as for finished product.

Profiles are made from constructional carbon, alloyed and automatic steels.

You can make an inquiry for your profile according your requirements