Branch Of Industry : Outdoor home ware goods
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Steel grades in detail

JSC “OMP” is a producer of galvanized round basins of 9 liters, 13 liters, 26 liters, 26 liters and and oval one of 23 liters. The Basins are made of galvanized steel of 0,45 mm. Convenient form  and two handles  make it possible   to transfer the  content easily.  Steel rivets are used for bails fastening, that that provides transfer of heavy mixes. The galvanized covering provides reliable protection against corrosion.

Bath-tube is the subject of universal use. JSC “OMP” produces bath-tubes of 40 liters and 60 liters.  Galvanizes steel of 0,50 mm is used for producing bath-tubes. That makes bath-tube more strong and reliable.

The basins and bath-tubes have broad application in animal husbandry  building, agriculture. They are not replaceable in bath-house and sauna.

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