Casting production

Foundry JSC "Omutninsk Metallurgical Plant" is specialized in manufacturing medium and small castings of cast iron and Steels. The shop makes products for the steel industry as well as machine-building and woodworking sectors of industrial production. All products undergo laboratory control with the issuance of passports to the quality of the product.

Our advantages

    Full production cycle allows to produce finished products, starting with the development of foundry technology, simulation of the casting process in the program LVMFlow, design and manufacturing of modeling equipment based on the resulting simulation results, obtaining suitable castings, their machining, heat treatment and subsequent assembly.
    The factory introduced the automation of foundry technology development processes using LVMFlow. This allows you to run in casting production only after the elimination of all possible casting defects in the design phase, that guarantees a fit of castings in a short time without any defects, including hidden;
    The duration of response to a request from one of the working day
    The plant has its own certified laboratory. Control parameters castings chemical composition, yield strength, tensile strength, impact strength. Additionally, on request is possible to provide research protocols that include ultrasonic inspection.

Foundry used technology

  •      Manufacture of metal products made in accordance with existing state and industry standards. On request, it can be manufactured to spetstrebovaniyam.

    Casting in sand mixture

  •     Class of dimensional accuracy according to GOST R 53464-2009: 11-14
  •     The roughness of the surface of the castings in accordance with GOST 2789-73: Ra = 80-100 microns
  •     Minimum allowable wall thickness - 5 mm
  •     Weight of castings from 1 kg to 5 tonnes.

    Casting into zhidkostekolnyh mixture (CSH) and cold-hardening mixture (CTS)

  •     Class of dimensional accuracy according to GOST R 53464-2009: 10-13
  •     The roughness of the surface of the castings in accordance with GOST 2789-73: Ra = 40-100 microns
  •     The minimum wall thickness - 3 mm
  •     Weight of castings from 1 kg up to 1 t


The foundry uses the following alloys

The foundry uses in its production of various metal alloys. This can produce products for a wide range of industries.

Cast iron

  •     Cast iron GOST 1412-85: SCH10, SCH15, SCh20, GI25, GI30, SCH35;
  •     Ductile Iron GOST 7293-85: VCH40, VCH45, VCH50, VCH60;
  •     Alloyed cast iron with GOST 7769-82 SPECIAL PROPERTIES: CHH1, CHH16, CHH16M2, CHH32, CHS5SH and etc .;
  •     The anti-friction iron GOST 1585-85: EMA-1, EMA-5


  •     Carbon steel: 15L, 20L, 25L, 35L, 45L, 55l;
  •     Low alloy steel: 20GL, 45GL, 40HL, 70HL, 20GSL, 30HML;
  •     Alloy steel: 20H13L, 12H17L;
  •     Heat resisting steel: 40H24N12SL, 12H18N9TL, 30H23N7SL, 20H25N19S2L and etc.


Steel and iron castings

The foundry specializes in producing high quality castings, and offers production of high quality products on order as the serial number of copies, and the single copy. The major material in foundries are various brands of iron and steel.
High quality prepared molds for casting allows casting with minimal allowances for subsequent machining. Steel casting provides a product of complex geometric shapes and therefore is often the only method of producing metal products with complex configurations. Iron castings used for the production of engineering parts, as well as for the manufacture of decorative items - fences, iron gates, fences, monuments.

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